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Have you heard of microneedling. This technique causes trauma to the skin to promote healing and increase collagen stimulation. At Eros Beauty and Wellness we offer Micro Channeling by Aquagold fine touch. This method employees 20 24-Karat gold-plated hollow needles the size of a hair, to enter the dermis and not only stimulate collagen by… Read More »

Cannula vs Needle

Dermal fillers are more commonly hyaluronic gels used to bring volume and fluid to the face, hands and neck. This stimulates collagen and improves the look and texture of the skin. The results are immediate and continue to improve even months later. With consistent treatments the skin can look younger than it did before treatment,… Read More »

Botox® for Prevention

Botox Mission Valley

I get many questions regarding Botox® and its uses. People are fascinated to hear that it can not only be used in cosmetics, but in migraine/headache prevention, Temporal-mandibular joint treatment, and even treatment of contractures due to Cerebral Palsy. More commonly it is used to decrease the wrinkles that have formed from using muscles of… Read More »

Botox® and Fillers

I truly enjoy speaking with my clients about what they believe their aesthetic wants and needs to be. Most people have a variety of reasons for wanting to enhance and rejuvenate their looks: wedding and social events, their appearance at their jobs, and just feeling tired and older. They ask me, “what do you think… Read More »

Diets or Lifestyles?

Kybella Treatment Mission Valley

Here is a quick thought to start your day. What is a difference between a diet and a lifestyle? Unless you’re talking about the diet of a species in the wild, usually the word “diet” implies a short term change in eating habits to improve one’s health. A lifestyle is not temporary like a diet,… Read More »


Here in Southern California, is it seems as though everyone is always training for a race of some sort, whether it is the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon, the bike race to Mexico, or even an Ultra Marathon. In a place where there exist such great opportunities to participate in athletic events, it is… Read More »

Spring Skin Care

During the winter months you may have struggled with skin dryness and redness. Now it is time to allow your skin to wake up and shine. Put away the heavy creams and bring out gels, mild cleansers and sunscreen. Heavy moisturizers will begin to feel sticky and can promote more acne in some. Opt for… Read More »