How to Maintain Your Figure After SculpSure

SculpSure, like liposuction, is sought after because of its ability to permanently destroy fat cells in targeted areas. However, it’s important not to misinterpret the term “permanent fat loss.” While it’s true that the fat cells destroyed by abdominal sculpting procedures will never grow back, it’s possible for the remaining fat cells to grow after… Read More »

Topic of The Week: False Advertising and Misleading Labels

It’s now time for the topic of the week: false advertising and misleading labels. The food business is always full of trickery and shortcuts, and the consumers are usually the victims of this deceit. Commercials and labels tell us (or at least they seem to) that certain foods are healthy, when really, they aren’t. Take… Read More »

Find Out Which Cosmetic Treatments are Best for Cooler Weather

If you’re interested in having your face or body overhauled, you’ve probably heard that fall is a great time to have plastic surgery. What you may not know, however, is that it’s also the perfect time to schedule many non-invasive cosmetic treatments. As the following list proves, you don’t have to go “under the knife”… Read More »

Dr. Eros joins eHealth Radio Network to Discuss SculpSure

Dr. Christine Eros recently spoke with eHealth Radio and the Aesthetic Medicine Channel about SculpSure. Dr. Eros goes in depth about what SculpSure is, how the procedure is done and what to expect regarding results, complications and the recovery period. Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Eros discuss the following: What is SculpSure and how… Read More »

CoolSculpting vs SculpSure

When it comes to body contouring, you have options. Actually, you have plenty. Within these options are two of the most popular non-surgical methods of body contouring; CoolSulpting and SculpSure.  While options are always great to have, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out your best choice. We’ve put together this infographic to help… Read More »

What Working Out and Eating Healthy Can’t Get Rid of: Is SculpSure Right for Me?

You have been working hard on your body and health. Yet, despite your great attempts there seems to linger that area of fat that just won’t go away. I would encourage you to continue with a clean diet free of processed food and minimal simple carbohydrates. Increase your work-out intensity, if possible. Still, you may… Read More »