7 Things to Know Before Your Kybella® Appointment

Kybella®® has built itself a reputation for being the leading non-invasive treatment for eliminating the stubborn subcutaneous fat beneath the chin— also known as the double chin. When you schedule your appointment with me, you should know a few essential things about what to expect from your treatment. Here are seven things you should know… Read More »

Laser Hair Removal VS Shaving

Spring is right around the corner, and summer will be here before you know it! Not only does that mean the start of fun summer activities like swimming, beach days, and outdoor parties, but it can also mean the return of the tedious test of hair removal routines. For countless women and men, removing unwanted… Read More »

Ultherapy 101: 10 Things You Should Know!

  Facial aging is the result of the breakdown of collagen and the slackening of elastin in the skin. This essentially means that the skin can no longer hold its original form and therefore moves south and becomes lax. Although surgery is certainly a way to fix these issues, it’s not the only option, and… Read More »

What To Do with Stubborn Belly Fat After Weight Loss

If you’ve followed a healthy diet and dedicated time to an exercise routine in your daily life but can’t seem to lose those last few pounds of stubborn belly fat, you’re not alone. Many people who have reached a healthy weight are frustrated by stubborn pockets of fat, specifically around the belly, that refuse to… Read More »

Benefits of Body Contouring with SculpSure®

If your best attempts at vanquishing stubborn pockets of body fat keep falling short, even with devoted time to exercising and a healthy diet, maybe it’s time to try a new strategy. With the advanced laser technology of SculpSure®, you can finally finish the battle where your hard work left off—that final bit of body… Read More »

5 Dermal Fillers Myths Debunked!

If fine lines, wrinkles, or skin laxity is robbing you of confidence in your appearance, dermal filler injection can make all the difference in how you look in the mirror. But, like many people who are interested in cosmetic treatment, you’ve probably come across some less-than-encouraging rumors in your research on the treatment.   As… Read More »

Popular Facial Fillers for Wrinkles

The development of facial lines and wrinkles is part of getting older. The skin’s natural elasticity and collagen diminish, causing you to look older than you feel. Luckily, many ways to combat drooping skin and deep facial wrinkles don’t require surgery at all. Dermal fillers and Botox® injections are two of the most popular ways… Read More »

5 Questions You Might Have About Ultherapy

A part of our skin’s natural aging process is the loss of collagen production, which leads to sagging, texturized skin with very few ways of improving it. But there is good news—science and technology met and created a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure called Ultherapy that helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin without surgery. Globally,… Read More »