The Benefits of Cross-Training

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What is Cross-training?

Cross-training is training in sports other than the athlete’s usual sport. Runners, for example, in addition to running, focus on cycling, swimming, strength and elliptical training to supplement their usual routine. In addition to preventing boredom and burnout, changing up your training can prevent injury by correcting potential muscle imbalances. Utilized appropriately, combining exercises offers many health benefits.

Reducing Risk of Injury

Runners, for example, tend to focus on one set of muscle groups over another. Quads can overpower hamstrings, upper body strength can be neglected, and overall flexibility ignored. By spreading the impact of stress over additional muscles and joints, you can exercise for longer durations without overloading potentially vulnerable areas of your body. Low impact activities are for someone prone to shin splints or muscle tightness from running long distances. Elliptical training, swimming and cycling combined with adequate rest for muscles can help improve fatigue and muscle readiness.

Enhancing Weight Loss

Cross-training is an easy way of getting in your recommended 30 minutes or more of exercise per day. When you engage in aerobic activities at a moderate level of intensity, you can safely burn a significant number of calories and help enhance weight loss. For example, you can exercise on an elliptical for 20-30 minutes and then cycle for another 20-30 minutes. Cross-training is a great way to improve overall total fitness while changing up your workouts.

Adhering to your Exercise Regimen

People tend to drop out of exercise programs because they’re bored or injured. Cross-training is a safe and easy way to add a variety of movements so you don’t overtrain certain muscle groups and potentially injure or strain yourself. Get out there and try something new!