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February the month of Love It’s February! Apart from being the month of Love it is also the month when New Year’s resolutions started to wax and wane. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember this is your year of self care and of having the opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Currently,… Read More »

The Mom and Son and Back to School

The Mom and Son and Back to School

  It’s Back to School time and that means back to school barbeques, back to school nights, meet the teacher events, and so on. There is always so much to do. For me, back to school meant more work on top of my career as a physician. Now I needed to be a physician and… Read More »

Do I Need Botox® or Fillers for My Wrinkles?

  Everybody remembers when they first noticed those fine little fine lines on their face: those dreaded wrinkles. At that very moment, it might have felt like it was the beginning of the end, that your youthful days were behind you. But if you hit the ground running and immediately started formulating a plan of… Read More »