5 Dermal Fillers Myths Debunked!

If fine lines, wrinkles, or skin laxity is robbing you of confidence in your appearance, dermal filler injection can make all the difference in how you look in the mirror. But, like many people who are interested in cosmetic treatment, you’ve probably come across some less-than-encouraging rumors in your research on the treatment.   As… Read More »

What Are Some Non-Invasive Options For Facial Rejuvenation?

Our face is the first part of our bodies to show signs of premature aging: fine lines around the eyes, age spots from the sun, crevices around the mouth, and expression lines on the forehead all seem to appear overnight. It doesn’t seem to matter how much product we apply, those lines will not diminish… Read More »

Fillers San Diego

Your lips are one of the most important most sensual features of your face and every time we speak, people are looking at our lips! If your lips show signs of aging fine lines and volume loss, you are the perfect candidate for fillers or lip augmentation. If your lipstick is bleeding into vertical wrinkles… Read More »