What Are Some Non-Invasive Options For Facial Rejuvenation?

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Our face is the first part of our bodies to show signs of premature aging: fine lines around the eyes, age spots from the sun, crevices around the mouth, and expression lines on the forehead all seem to appear overnight. It doesn’t seem to matter how much product we apply, those lines will not diminish… Read More »

Fillers San Diego

Your lips are one of the most important most sensual features of your face and every time we speak, people are looking at our lips! If your lips show signs of aging fine lines and volume loss, you are the perfect candidate for fillers or lip augmentation. If your lipstick is bleeding into vertical wrinkles… Read More »

Are Fillers Right for you?

You have seen in magazines, on TV and in YouTube videos showing several years removed from a person’s appearance in minutes with dermal fillers. While it is true that fillers can bring back youth into your look, is it always the best thing or the only thing to do? Most fillers are made of Hyaluronic… Read More »

Eros Beauty and Wellness San Diego

Have you heard of microneedling. This technique causes trauma to the skin to promote healing and increase collagen stimulation. At Eros Beauty and Wellness we offer Micro Channeling by Aquagold fine touch. This method employees 20 24-Karat gold-plated hollow needles the size of a hair, to enter the dermis and not only stimulate collagen by… Read More »

Cannula vs Needle

Dermal fillers are more commonly hyaluronic gels used to bring volume and fluid to the face, hands and neck. This stimulates collagen and improves the look and texture of the skin. The results are immediate and continue to improve even months later. With consistent treatments the skin can look younger than it did before treatment,… Read More »

Botox® and Fillers

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I truly enjoy speaking with my clients about what they believe their aesthetic wants and needs to be. Most people have a variety of reasons for wanting to enhance and rejuvenate their looks: wedding and social events, their appearance at their jobs, and just feeling tired and older. They ask me, “what do you think… Read More »

Do I Need Botox® or Fillers for My Wrinkles?

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  Everybody remembers when they first noticed those fine little fine lines on their face: those dreaded wrinkles. At that very moment, it might have felt like it was the beginning of the end, that your youthful days were behind you. But if you hit the ground running and immediately started formulating a plan of… Read More »

5 Ways to Look your Best at the Holidays

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“It’s that time of year when the world falls in love…” Yes, we blinked and the Holiday Season is here! This means meeting with people you haven’t seen in a while, dressing up, and taking pictures. To some, this can be slightly disconcerting when you don’t feel your best, so I’d like to share five worry-free… Read More »