Crunch Time (SculpSure)

Although Eros Beauty and Wellness will never advise you to stop exercising and eating properly in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, we also understand that sometimes the road towards your summer body is long and stressful. Sometimes, in the space between your next Isagenix shake and your time on the elliptical machine, don’t you wish you could see results immediately? Summertime is here and it is crunch time for beach body development. Actually, the time for crunches has long passed and San Diego’s beaches are calling your summer body to action right NOW. But wait… where is that summer body you promised yourself this New Years? Where did the time go? Is it really summer already? How did that happen? You resoluted that by this time of year you would have that slim summer physique, but the time has come for tanning and beach days and suddenly you find yourself embarrassed to take your shirt off in public. We know the feeling.

before and after of abdomen on black background

Luckily, Eros Beauty and Wellness has you covered. We are proud to offer SculpSure, a revolutionary, non-invasive body sculpting laser procedure which melts up to 24% of body fat in each targeted area. Rather than spending the next four months sweating away in a gym and missing out on days of summer fun with your family and friends, see your body trim down drastically in a mere six weeks! (Check out the results below.) SculpSure is entirely pain free and requires no recovery time and the procedure is over in 25 minute! This isn’t lipo or some other, scary form of fat removal. You won’t see a single blade! Give us a call to set up your free consultation and talk to us about starting your summer off with a BANG.