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Belotero in San Diego, CA

Treat moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles with Belotero

BELOTERO BALANCE is an ideal option for treating moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles around your mouth—such as vertical lip lines—that naturally occur from smiling, talking, and eating. It blends in with the skin for a natural appearance with minimal downtime.

The effects can last up to 6 months, and with routine maintenance, the lines will begin to fade.

Treatment Details

Belotero Balance is injected into the skin superficially with a fine needle allowing for minimal discomfort. It is mixed with lidocaine to reduce discomfort. Results can be seen immediately after the procedure. The product is excellent for the lips, lines around the mouth, and tear trough areas.

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San Diego Belotero – FAQs

Am I a candidate for Belotero Balance?

Healthy adults may be treated with Belotero Balance. It is best to not smoke, drink, or take anti-inflammatories or anticoagulants.

What can I expect after a Belotero injection?

Belotero Balance is injected into the skin with a very fine needle. You can expect mild discomfort. There may be swelling that lasts up to 24 hours, but using ice will diminish this. Bruising can also occur and can last up to 1 week, depending on the person. It is important to avoid anti-inflammatories a week prior to treatment.

Do not do strenuous exercise for 24 hours or bend and lift heavy objections.

What benefits can I expect from Belotero?

Belotero Balance will enhance the lips and remove fine lines immediately. The effects will improve overtime as it works with the skin’s collagen. Touch-ups may be necessary every 6 months to achieve optimal results. By doing this, you will experience a more youthful appearance than with any prior treatment.

How much does Belotero cost in San Diego?

The cost of Belotero depends on several considerations, including the amount used, areas injected, and more. Because of these factors, Dr. Eros can provide you with a cost estimate after your free consultation.

How long does Belotero last?

The longevity of Belotero Balance, along with most hyaluronic acid fillers, varies. You can expect your results to last anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

Do Belotero injections hurt?

Most patients experience only mild discomfort with Belotero injections. The filler solution contains lidocaine, a numbing agent, that will diminish pain. Dr. Eros is also a highly skilled injector who will use the most precise and efficient methods to make your experience comfortable.

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