SculpSure – Vs Cool Sculpting

SculpSure is hands-down the quickest, most efficient, and least painful way to sculpt your body,cutting away layers upon layers of unwanted fat without…well… cutting anything at all. SculpSure is an entirely non-invasive procedure which melts fat cells through laser therapy, permanently destroying fat deposits in the most troublesome of areas, such as the love handles, back, thighs, and even under the chin. Still, upon first glance, SculpSure can seem like a scary investment! Despite the fact that it is the only. FDA-approved laser treatment for large-scale fat removal, making the decision to try out and trust a new piece of technology can be tough.

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The price tag, with costs numbering over $1000 per treatment, doesn’t make the decision any easier. Well, fear not! SculpSure is safe and entirely painless. The treatment consists of a series of pads being placed over the targeted areas and is over in a mere 25 minutes. Take a nap during that time if you wish, for the only feeling is a warming sensation. What’s more is that you can be back on your feet and fully active as soon as you walk out the door; there is no recovery time, unlike SculpSure’s competitors. As for the cost, the experienced investor and shopper understands that one shouldn’t always be scared by the number seen up front.

If one were to crunch the numbers for a minute, they would soon realize that SculpSure is not at all more costly than other leading weight-loss and body sculpting programs—if anything, it gives you more bang for your buck! Leading weight loss programs used by people seeking similar aesthetic results to SculpSure such as Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and the Atkins Diet cost approximately $529, $716, and $948 per month, respectively. With such systems valuing nearly a thousand dollars every four weeks for minimal results in terms of both weight loss and physical changes, SculpSure’s six to twelve week program doesn’t seem so bad. Other procedural competitors such as Smartlipo and CoolSculpting come with a higher price, both in terms of money and risks. CoolSculpting and SculpSure are both noninvasive, meaning no blades involved, while Smartlipo involves a small incision and a tube used to remove fat from beneath the skin. CoolSculpting uses a similar concept as SculpSure, but uses cold rather than heat.

One treatment of CoolSculpting takes over twice as long to complete as SculpSure and costs significantly more. Also, SculpSure’s use of heat allows for a more natural appearance after the procedure, avoiding the uneven and chunky look that CoolSculpt can create. Rather than paying nearly the same amount of money and suffering through tough diet plans or risky procedures, SculpSure offers you the opportunity to attain better results through an entirely stress free, pain free, and shockingly cost-effective treatment.

Who knew you could look so good after a 25 minute nap?

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