Stretch Marks and Loose skin

“Youth is beautiful,” people often say. It’s true. The funny thing is that the young people are so worried about fitting into the surrounding society and becoming successful that they never stop to look in the mirror. I mean really look in the mirror and see the perfect skin turgor, radiant glow, and even skin tone. Even when the young have acne, the smooth nasolabial folds and lack of permanent laugh lines is indeed a gift. The acne resolves with time.

Exposure to the sun, hormones, weight changes and more reduces the turgor of the skin, also known as the elasticity. This leads to stretch marks, saggy skin and creppy skin. Of course, increasing the fat layer does not help.

The best way to avoid these changes is to have a clean diet devoid of toxins and processed foods, and to exercise regularly and stay out of the sun. Sometimes, even after doing all these things, genetics take over and stretch marks develop along with other changes. Luckily, we offer sublime skin contouring which can help reduce the signs of aging by tightening and lifting the skin in many areas. Skin tightening, can be done on any the face, neck, eyes and most importantly the abdomen. Usually 5 to 6 treatments are needed. The skin tightening therapy is very comfortable and can be done during one’s lunch hour. Combining treatments like Refirme with Sublative or IPL can give and even better outcome. Try Kybella® to reduce the fat permanently under the chin and then return for Refirme to tighten the skin. Or try SculpSure to remove the fat permanently from the abdomen, love handles, and legs and then return for skin tightening. But no matter what treatment is chosen, exercise is important to maintain results and ongoing improvement.

So, next time you see a young person, remind them how beautiful they truly are now and relish in their youth before it slips away. If you want to talk about treatment options we invite our neighbors in the San Diego metropolitan area to reach out to Eros Beauty and Wellness via our online contact form or call 619-481-4651 to schedule your no-cost consultation today.

To help minimize the appearance of stretch marks, we offer the Environ Body EssentiA® contouring cream. This body sculpting gel contains plant extracts that assist in firming and conditioning the appearance of an uneven skin texture. Regular use helps to maintain smoother more resilient-looking skin.

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Written By: Dr. Eros