Ultherapy 101: 10 Things You Should Know!

  Facial aging is the result of the breakdown of collagen and the slackening of elastin in the skin. This essentially means that the skin can no longer hold its original form and therefore moves south and becomes lax. Although surgery is certainly a way to fix these issues, it’s not the only option, and… Read More »

5 Questions You Might Have About Ultherapy

A part of our skin’s natural aging process is the loss of collagen production, which leads to sagging, texturized skin with very few ways of improving it. But there is good news—science and technology met and created a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure called Ultherapy that helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin without surgery. Globally,… Read More »

How Ultherapy Stimulates Collagen

As you age, your body begins to produce less and less collagen than it did when you were young—and less collagen leads to skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines. While many people consider a facelift to tighten their skin and restore their youthful appearance, surgery isn’t your only option. My name is Dr. Christine Eros,… Read More »