The Mom and Son and Back to School

mom helping son to choose a shoes

It’s Back to School time and that means back to school barbeques, back to school nights, meet the teacher events, and so on. There is always so much to do. For me, back to school meant more work on top of my career as a physician. Now I needed to be a physician and a Mom Extraordinaire, willing to bring cupcakes, be a room parent, help on that art project and still take everyone to the soccer field every weekend. How I longed for those summer days when I was just driving to camps, soccer games and outings with friends. And so it is for many of us. This stress, lack of sleep and the passage of time will cause aging in our faces.

People will notice the signs of aging as a sagging on their face causing the look of fatigue and lack of sleep. The corners of the mouth will start showing and upside smile, fine lines will appear around the lips and the eyes will look hallow or develop dark circles. The face naturally loses  fat pads and muscle tone that normally hold everything up. This is where using a filler and Botox® goes a long way to restoring what has been lost.

back to school written on the board

Here at Eros Beauty and Wellness we use fillers like Restylane®, Juvéderm® Ultra, Belotero and Voluma, that are all hyaluronic acid gels made of different consistency to help with different areas of the face. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally occuring in our bodies. It helps to stimulate collagen and the benefits can been seen immediately after the injections and continues to work with the natural collagen a month later. The injections are strategically applied to the cheeks, under the eyes and around the mouth to bring back that original lift. A liquid facelift may be all the person needs before they decide on an invasive facelift.

Botox®, in addition to the filler, will the relax the muscles of expression and diminish the wrinkles. Combining fillers and Botox® is the best way to achieve that refreshed, I am ready for anything look. Enjoy the Back to School song and dance because these are fleeting times. Call for a  free consultation. 619-481-4651