Ulthera®: Revolutionary Collagen Stimulation

blonde woman smiling lying on flowers

Ultherapy (ultrasound therapy) is a one-time treatment that can bring youth back to your skin with no downtime. Time seems to fly by, and before long, your skin will start to show aging by developing fine lines, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity. Sometimes we will look at our old pictures and say “look how young we were,” but we can’t quite pick out what made us look young; was it the eyes, the smile, or the cheeks? It is more than likely the loss of collagen and elasticity that begins the aging processes, leading to volume loss, wrinkles, and more.

Using ultrasound heat, Ultherapy is the perfect technology to go to the deepest levels of the skin, stimulating collagen without causing visible injury. The heat from the ultrasound disrupts skin cells enough to signal the body to heal the area treated. This healing causes stimulation and regrowth of collagen. So, what used to require a surgical facelift can now be treated with another option.

Of course, Ultherapy is not for everyone, and some will require a surgical facelift. The procedure works best between ages 35 to 55, when collagen can regrow more easily.

That’s not to say that it will not work on older people; the outcome may just not be as great.  If you notice your eyelids drooping, your cheeks sagging, and your decolletage wrinkling, then this is the treatment for you.

The procedure takes between 30 to 45 min. It can also be tailored to your needs. We use the ultrasound to see the various skin levels and where collagen is more active.

Because we do use ultrasound heat, it can cause discomfort in some people. We recommend taking Motrin 600mg and applying numbing cream about one hour prior to the procedure. We will supply the cream. After the procedure, most people have no secondary effects, and they can resume their normal activities. Others may notice swelling, bruising, and tenderness. Swelling can last 2 weeks, but it will only be noticeable to you. Ice can take care of that.

This month we are having a Webinar that will answer all your questions regarding this fantastic procedure. The procedure can work on any area of the body that has sagging skin!

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