Hit the Beach with Confidence This Summer – with Our Laser Procedures

Summertime is coming, and like most of us, you’re probably hard at work on your beach body. At a time where it’s normal to bare all, it can be tough when you’re not confident enough to show off your body. Despite your hard work, you might still be reluctant to show your body off at the beach. If you want a little more help hitting the beach with a sleeker, more confident body and flawless skin, Eros Beauty and Wellness is proud to offer our diverse range of laser procedures.



The Sublime

Whether you’re rocking a speedo or a two-piece, you want your body to look good. Diet and exercise can do wonders for your body, but lifting sagging skin isn’t something you can easily work away. Thankfully, our Sublime laser treatment is known for its remarkable skin contouring powers. The Sublime can tighten and lift skin all over the body, so if you’ve always wanted to show off a flat athletic belly, the Sublime will work on the abdomen, as well as the face, neck, and eye area.


The Elos Plus Sublative

Before you step out into the hot summer sun, make sure you do it with a clean slate. Undoing some of the sun damage you’ve accumulated over the years is a great way to make sure they don’t add up. Our Sublative laser is your key to starting afresh. The Sublative laser takes only half an hour to perform, but its results are nothing to scoff at: the Sublative can hydrate sun damaged skin, reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks, and treat fine wrinkles and lines around the face, chest, and eyes.


Elos Plus Hair Removal

Want to debut a smooth, hair-free beach body without having to struggle with razors or waxing week after week? Elos Plus allows for some of the safest and most gentle laser hair removal available. Using radiofrequency technology, the Elos Plus eliminates those annoying hair follicles for permanently smooth, hairless skin. With Elos Plus, you can show off your swimwear at the beach without worry.


Trinity Plus

Want the ultimate laser rejuvenation treatment? Eros Beauty and Wellness is proud to offer the Trinity Plus, a powerful laser rejuvenation system designed to address the most prominent signs of aging. Using a combination of 3 different lasers, you can tighten loose aging skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and remove any previous sun damage from your skin. It’s time to hit the beach with a body you’re proud of. To learn more about any of our amazing laser procedures, contact Eros Beauty and Wellness now, for a consultation.