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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Eros has been the only one I will go to for my Botox® for a few years now. She is a terrific doctor and person. She really cares about the results. She told me, My name is on your face! I love it. Dr. Eros and her staff assistants are always on time. They are all so very friendly and professional. Recently, I have started laser hair removal and sublative treatments. I have been so pleased that I am going to bring my daughter in for some treatments for her acne scars.



I have had the Laser Resurfacing Therapy for my acne scaring and fine lines. All of my friends tell me how great my skin looks. I am very excited to go for more treatments and Dr Eros is very kind. I wanted some other treatments as well, and she recommended that they were not the best option for me. She really cares and didnt want me to purchase something that wouldn’t be the best fit for my needs. I recommend and trust Dr Eros with all my friends and family. I know they also will be very well taken care of.



Dr. Eros is amazing! She doesn’t settle for not knowing – she thoroughly researches whatever ailment you have. I appreciate that she listens to me and asks questions that make me think as she probes for answers. I’ve been going to see her for about 8 years or so and I’m so grateful that she’s my…more



I have been getting BOTOX with Dr.Eros for some time now and have to say I would not go no where else not only is she good at it but she explains all her steps. PLUS special shout out to her STAFF (Maria G is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable here and Suzanne and Mayra are very respectful.) ***** 5 Stars to Eros Beauty & Wellness staff and Dr.Eros See you ladies next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I have been getting Botox® with Dr. Eros for the past few years. I have always had a positive experience with her and all the front office staff. She is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain her process. If you are new to Botox®, it is quick, affordable, and painless. I highly recommend it.



I have had great experiences with Dr. Eros. She is easy to talk to and asks multiple questions about what the patient wants before proceeding to assure the individual will be happy with the results. She is not pushy in her services and assures that the individual is 100% comfortable with everything before proceeding. I would definitely recommend Dr. Eros.