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Safe Hair Removal With Elos

The Syneron/ Candela technology adds the radiofrequency (RF) to hair removal . This targets the hair follicles more efficiently and safely.  Each treatment will remove groups of follicles until all are gone. The Elos Plus makes it safer and more comfortable for all skin types.


“In doing my research to find the right place to have laser hair removal for my face I knew that I would be more comfortable going to a Doctor rather than an Esthetician. I am so glad I decided to go with Dr. Eros, at Eros Beauty and Wellness, because she truly cares about her patients. Not only does she take the time to listen to my concerns and needs, but she is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. I trust her expertise and value her opinion when it comes to health/wellness and skincare. I’m happy with the results already after 3 treatments and still have 2 more to go. I look forward to exploring even more skincare treatments with Dr. Eros and her amazing staff.”

— Maria

Treatment Details

Most treatments require 5 visits for best results  and can take anywhere from to 15 minutes to 45 minutes.  Although most follicles do not regrow, new ones can develop over time depending on the person. Therefore touch ups may be needed from time to time.

Most Commonly Treated Areas:

  • Legs
  • Bikini
  • Backs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Face and Upper Lip


What can I expect from Elos Hair Removal?

The laser treatment is easily done in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the area that needs to be treated. You will feel a heating sensation, therefore a numbing cream will be provided prior to the procedure. People may require 3 to 5 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

What are the side-effects of Elos Hair Removal?

The laser can be used on all skin types. The area will be red after the procedure and resolves the same day. There is no downtime.

Before and After

Elos Laser Hair Removal Before and After Laser Hair Removal with Elos


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