The newest addition to the EB&W family is Kybella®. Kybella® is an injectable medicine that works to remove submental fat deposits which are otherwise known as the ever-so-unwanted “double chin”. Excess fat on the face, particularly below the chin can drastically change a person’s appearance and the proportions of their entire body. Most people are not in the habit of wearing scarves or ski masks on a regular basis, particularly not in San Diego.

Hence, it is often the case that fat on the face is clearly visible all day, every day. Not only is it constantly exposed, but it is located on the body’s focal point. Our faces are the parts of our bodies which we use to identify each other, show emotion, speak, and interact in general. Because of this, a person’s attention is almost always directed at your face, particularly because of the importance of eye contact in human conversation. Therefore, fat on the facial and submental area is not only visible, but actively on display for the whole world to seek and see.

This arguably makes submental fat a greater source of insecurity than belly fat which can be concealed with the presence of clothing. Even a person with a very fit body can give off the appearance of being overweight if their face is chubbier than normal. A double chin can ruin a person’s whole body image by disturbing the sleek and angular pattern that many people like to see.
On top of this, some people are genetically destined to maintain some submental fat, no matter how fit they may be and how good their nutritional habits may be. This is where Kybella® comes in. Kybella® is the only FDA approved injectable treatment that targets fat below the chin and is an incredibly convenient alternative to more invasive and damaging surgeries. As with fillers and any other sort of cosmetic treatment, Kybella® usually requires a few treatments spaced apart by a month, depending on the individual patient’s needs and amount of submental fat. This treatment is an extremely effective replacement of more invasive surgeries that leave patients with pain and scarring, both of which are bypassed by Kybella®.

Nobody wants to be left with scars or other forms of damage after a surgery meant to make you look better. When the target area is your face, the risk is doubled because of the difficulty of hiding scars on the facial area. Still, many people are afflicted with excess fat in the facial region and are desperate to discover a solution that doesn’t involve sacrifice. Here at Eros Beauty and Wellness we recognize that not looking your best can leave you with the burdens of insecurity, self-doubt, embarrassment, and general unhappiness.

Kybella Treatments

Our other procedures such as SculpSure, Fillers, Botox®, and Laser treatments are designed to grant our patients the opportunity to achieve whole body wellness and beauty as they please. With the addition of Kybella® to our product list, the opportunities for self improvement are only growing, as they will continue to do over the years while we strive to bring you the best cosmetic procedures on the market. Kybella® is the middle ground that so many people have been seeking.

Now, the incredible effects of non invasive fat removal treatments is available for the facial region. Kybella® creates spectacular results, turning double chins into solid jawlines, blasting away fat and insecurities alike. For more information on the procedure, please take a look at our website or call our office today. Also, take a look at our monthly specials and promotions for great prizes and deals on Kybella® and more. The days of double chins are gone and the time is now to look the best you can possibly be!