liquid facelift

Ever heard of a liquid facelift? A liquid facelift refers to a non-surgical procedure using a combination of Botox® and Fillers to bring volume, lift and youth back to the face without surgery. It is somewhat of a misnomer. A person who truly needs a facelift should not waste time or money with this type of procedure. This procedure is great for people who do see volume loss, but are not ready for or interested in a surgical procedure.

By strategically injecting a hyaluronic acid filler along with treatments of Botox®, a neuromodulator, the physician is able to help the patient regain volume and a youthful glow in their face. Lifting the cheeks, removing nasolabial folds, reducing the sagginess underneath the eyes, and lifting the eyebrows can all be done with a combination of hyaluronic acids Fillers and Botox®.

The results can be seen immediately, but over time the hyaluronic acid begins to work with the person’s own collagen, making for greater improvements in the long run. People often times do experience some swelling and mild discomfort after the injections, but recovery time is fairly quick. It is important to ice the areas affected and to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the procedure. Some people may feel small nodules under the skin soon after the injections. These will resolve over time. In some cases, people will notice a bluish tinge underneath their eyes which is referred to as the Tyndall Effect. This is the light reflecting on the hyaluronic acid gel underneath when the skin is very thin or the gel is placed more superficially than normal. It is important to discuss any concerns with the physician after the procedure so that a solution can be swiftly determined. I, personally, very much enjoy working with my patients and together coming up with a plan that will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

A liquid facelift is the perfect way to bring the youthfulness back into my patients’ faces without having to worry about using anesthesia or dealing with long recovery times as a product of deep lacerations. With time, the Hyaluronic Acid continues to work by stimulating collagen to improve the volume and elasticity of the skin. The combination of Fillers, such as Restylane® Lyft, Voluma and Belotero, along with the Botox®, helps to recreate the youthful look that we all desire. This, paired with proper skin care and the use of sunscreen is sure to keep anyone’s skin healthy and vibrant for life.