Make an October Resolution!

How many times have we made New Year’s resolutions each January 1st? And how many times has weight loss topped the list? If you’re like the rest of America, it’s the same resolution, year after year.

We’re going to give you the bad news first. The New York Times just published an article this week indicating that right now – today – is the least you’ll weigh all year. Think about it – with the advent of fall, we’re at the start of the holiday season. That means a few extra pieces of Halloween candy. They’re mini-sized, so a few won’t matter, right? Before you know it, day light savings will be upon us and the days will grow shorter. Maybe we forego that evening walk or the daily workout. For many people, Thanksgiving is the feast of the year. We partake of food we rarely eat, in quantities we can hardly sustain. And we haven’t even begun to talk about the plethora of treats that filter through our offices and homes during the month of December.

Along with European colleagues, Professor Brian Lansink of Cornell University published new findings in The New England Journal of Medicine which indicate the holiday weight many of us gain requires a whopping five months to lose. What’s the solution? Gain less weight now.

Instead of working so hard to get off excess holiday weight, fold great food and exercise planning into your lives now. Here’s a few strategies to keep us better positioned to feel healthy, lean and and ahead of the weight-gain trap.

  • Worried about sugary high caloric intake? Bring your own dish to share. Fresh, sweet fruit on a dessert tray is a healthy option.
  • Slow it down and keep track of portions. Eat slowly and deliberately, chewing thoroughly, tasting the depth of every bite. This will increase your eating enjoyment while giving your body the chance to tell your mind when you’re full.
  • Keep healthy snacks at the office. It’ll be easier to bypass the double chocolate peppermint brownies and the pumpkin cheesecake when you’ve got a drawer filled with bagged almonds and a few juicy apples.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. Instead of waiting until the end of the year when you’ve gained the extra weight, determine to make healthy choices now and find an exercise routine you enjoy and one you’ll stick to.

If you need help getting focused and motivated, we’re here to assist you. A consultation will provide you with a personal fitness program. Trainer Elaine, our own exercise guru, is a master trainer in TRX and will show you tricks so you can have fun while getting a heart thumping workout. Even if you’re new to exercise, she can design a workout plan you’ll love.

Because Dr. Eros knows it’s important to still love your pumpkin pie and turkey feast, she’ll help you find a plan that’s rewarding without being punishing. A winning fitness and dietary strategy can keep you ahead of the weight gain curve and feeling great without the guilt.

Start your October Resolution today!



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