What is the Best Way to Lose Weight Permanently?

Losing weight is at once simple and complex. Most of us understand how it’s done—you just create a caloric deficit and step up your activity level—but when it comes to keeping the weight off, we stumble. This is what makes dieting so frustrating: As any dieter knows, the pounds usually pile back on once the diet is over. Inevitably, we need to start the process all over again… And who wants to live their life constantly battling against the bulge?

Fortunately, weight loss doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Understanding a few simple things about how the body works can help you escape the “diet cycle” permanently.

Three Effective Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

1. Eat healthily rather than restrictively.

The only way to keep the weight off permanently is to make permanent changes to the way you eat… But this doesn’t mean going hungry for the rest of your life. Instead, it means filling up on nutritionally dense, low-calorie foods. Skip the carb-laden processed foods and choose meals that are high in fiber and protein instead. Both fiber and protein provide long-lasting energy and feelings of fullness, unlike the refined carbohydrates typically found in processed foods. This makes it much easier to avoid over-eating.

2. Don’t forget to keep track of your calorie consumption.

While eating healthily is an excellent first step toward lasting weight loss, calorie counting is still important. Though many healthy foods are lower in calories than their processed counterparts, this is not universally the case. Some extremely nutritious foods (like salmon, nuts, and avocados, for example) are actually very high in calories. That doesn’t mean you should avoid these foods, just consume them in moderation.

3. Understand the limits of diet and exercise.

We’re all used to seeing picture-perfect bodies in the media credited to “healthy eating.” As such, many of us erroneously believe that the right diet can completely transform a person. Alas, it usually can’t. While losing weight will reduce your overall size, depending on your proportions and genetic makeup, you may still retain unwanted fat deposits. The only way to remove these deposits is to undergo a cosmetic body sculpting procedure, such as liposuction or SculpSure.

Ultimately, losing weight permanently is all about making the right changes to your lifestyle and staying motivated. That’s where we come in: Research has shown that people who have cosmetic procedures performed in order to obtain their “dream body” are far more inspired to maintain a healthy weight than people who leave loose skin or stubborn fat deposits in place. While cosmetic procedures cannot replace a healthy lifestyle, they can absolutely complement it.

Of course, with right kind of help you can truly make changes in your life. If you want the assistance of true weight loss experts, contact Eros Beauty and Wellness for a consultation on their nutritional and fitness programs.