Sublime Skin Contouring: The All-In-One Laser

With aging comes wisdom, but also wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. These signs of aging can be difficult to hide or fix on your own, and it seems that the only procedures available involve surgery, a lengthy recovery, or they seem to only target one issue. Some procedures are made to target the textural issues, but not necessarily the signs of aging. Then some procedures aim for targeting signs of aging, but they leave our other signs of damage on the skin. Through advanced science, technology, and trials, doctors have finally discovered the power of mixing bi-polar radio frequency and laser light energy to target multiple skin issues at once.


At Eros Beauty and Wellness, I use Sublime Skin Contouring to reverse unwanted signs of aging and target signs of skin damage without any downtime.

What Is Sublime Skin Contouring?

Sublime Skin Contouring is an advanced cosmetic dermatology treatment that helps you achieve more youthful skin. Through the use of elōs technology, a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and laser/light energy, collagen production is stimulated to help improve the overall quality of your skin. Collagen provides important support and structure to the skin. The elōs technology combines light energy with radio frequency energy to penetrate more deeply into the dermis without damaging the surface of the skin. This deeper penetration allows for a deeper area for collagen to form. Sublime contouring at Eros Beauty and Wellness can target multiple areas of the face that are especially prone to showing early signs of aging—the skin around the eyes, cheeks, brow lines, and neck.

What Are the Benefits of Sublime Skin Contouring?

The reason why Sublime is referred as the all-in-one laser treatment is because of the multiple skin types it can treat, and the wide variety of skin concerns it targets, including:

  • Textural irregularities
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Skin laxity or sagging
  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Lift and smooth cheek contours
  • Brow lines
  • Neck
  • Jowls

Also, Sublime Skin Contouring is non-ablative, meaning it doesn’t penetrate the skin, so you don’t have to worry about incisions, sutures, scabbing, peeling, or the recovery time associated with healing. Most patients experience some mild redness that quickly subsides after just a few hours.

What Is Involved In A Sublime Treatment

A Sublime treatment regimen requires three to five visits, spaced three to four weeks apart. Also, Sublime is a gentle treatment that most people tolerate without the need for any kind of anesthetic. Many people come to have their treatment on their lunch break and go back to their normal activities immediately after. Ice packs can be provided to you to aid in any discomfort especially if your skin is particularly sensitive.

Get Your Free Consultation for Sublime Skin Contouring

We encourage you to call us for a personalized consultation with me at Eros Beauty and Wellness and San Diego, CA. Contact us at (619) 481-4651 or online to schedule your consultation. Together, we can determine if you’re a good candidate for laser skin tightening.