Scars and Acne be Gone

There are so many options when choosing a product or procedure to improve or bring back your youthful look. Despite what you ending up choosing it is important to have a good skin care regimen. Make sure you remove all makeup nightly; not doing so leads to clogged pores and toxin build-up. You will notice more frequent acne break-outs and development of Milia , those white hard little blemishes often are seen under the eyes and on cheeks. Every morning start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser from brands like Eucerin, Cerave, Clinique or Rejuvity by Isagenix. Exfoliate with a daily exfoliant or a stronger one that can be used once a week. Use a serum infused with antioxidants, like Vit C. This will give your skin a youthful glow. The Essential Youth Serum by Isagenix is perfect to give you that glow. Top all this off with a moisturizer and a sunscreen with SPF 30.

woman with rejuvinity products

If you are prone to acne avoid touching your face or popping the pimples. Your nails carry a lot of bacteria that will be introduced into your skin. Add a benzoyl peroxide and if this is still not enough then consult your doctor on acne treatment. There are a variety of medications that help reduce acne.

Many times people are left with acne scars after all the treatment is completed. These can cause insecurity and discomfort. For this there are variety of treatment from chemical peels to lasers. We offer Sublative therapy which is an ablative and non ablative radiofrequency treatment to remove scars, improve texture, close pores and reduces redness and wrinkles. It works by delivering a concentrated heat to the area being treated, stimulating the fibroblasts that in turn encourage collagen regeneration. It is Fraxel like without the downtime. People experience redness for about 48 hours and it is advisable not to wear makeup during this time. In the end the combination of a great skin regimen and the right laser will give you those desired results.

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