Are Fillers Right for you?

You have seen in magazines, on TV and in YouTube videos showing several years removed from a person’s appearance in minutes with dermal fillers. While it is true that fillers can bring back youth into your look, is it always the best thing or the only thing to do?

Most fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in our bodies. It brings fluids and stimulates collagen in the area injected. Because it is naturally occurring in the body the risk of allergic reaction is extremely small, in medicine we can never say never. There are other fillers that are made of more permanent substances, I will leave those for a later discussion.

As we age we lose fat, muscle and even bone causing the laugh lines, sunken eyes and small lips. These are the areas that stick out to most people. When planning to inject a filler it is important to consider what is causing the loss of volume and where would be the most beneficial area to treat. Often times the tired looking eyes are a secondary problem caused by loss of volume in the mid face. This volume loss can also contribute to the laugh lines and marionette lines.

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Fillers are fantastic to plump up and strengthen the tissues. But don’t discount Botox®. Botox® or any other neuromodulator can relax the muscles that continually cause the lines to form. Not only are we losing volume, we are also making our lines permanent with the faces that we make. By relaxing these muscles with a neuromodulator we can slim our face, lift our eyes and remove wrinkles. The combination of fillers and Botox® can really give the best look.

Let’s say you have done all these things, but there are lines on your cheeks, under the eyes and in the chin. You may need a resurfacing treatment that will stimulate the development of new skin. As we age our regeneration of new skin diminishes. This causes pigmentation, large pores and a rough texture. These problems can’t be fixed with Botox® or a filler. At this point a resurfacing procedure is required, such as a Chemical peel, microneedling or laser therapy. The outcome is fabulous.

The best is to combine all these treatments to give yourself a complete make-over. You will not be disappointed.