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Have you heard of microneedling. This technique causes trauma to the skin to promote healing and increase collagen stimulation. At Eros Beauty and Wellness we offer Micro Channeling by Aquagold fine touch. This method employees 20 24-Karat gold-plated hollow needles the size of a hair, to enter the dermis and not only stimulate collagen by it’s injection, but through delivery of neurotoxin, dermal fillers and more to the skin. The gold plating prevents allergic reaction and the sterilized apparatus prevents infections. These hair like needles are very comfortable and not painful. You can come in and within minutes leave with a beautiful new complexion. It can be easily done during a lunch hour. The results are amazingly supple, smooth skin, giving it the name the Golden Facial.



What does AquaGold do: AquaGold’s delivery system not only stimulates collagen growth by gently traumatizing the skin, but it can also deliver substances like Botox®, Vitamins, Glycolic acid and fillers into the dermis.

What is the downtime: One can expect mild redness the day of the procedure and much improved in 24 hours. It is advisable not to wear make-up between 8 to 24 hours after the treatment.

Who can benefit from Aquagold Fine Touch: Anyone with fine lines, large pores, acne and other irregulates would benefit greatly from this comfortable Golden Facial. Results can be seen quickly within 24 hours, but continue to improve even more so 1 to 2 weeks later.

Our Aquagold Cocktail

We add these substances to the vial and gently deliver them to the dermis.

Micro-Botox®: This includes Botox® delivery to decrease acne , oily skin and close pores.

Dermal fillers: The addition of a hyaluronic acid will bring fluid and smoothness to the skin, giving it a beautiful glow and helping to remove fine lines.

Glycolic acid and Glutathione : A powerful anti-oxidant and powerful resurfacing acid together gives a healthy glow.

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