Cannula vs Needle

Dermal fillers are more commonly hyaluronic gels used to bring volume and fluid to the face, hands and neck. This stimulates collagen and improves the look and texture of the skin. The results are immediate and continue to improve even months later. With consistent treatments the skin can look younger than it did before treatment, even years later. Areas such as the under eyes, lips, neck lines, cheeks, and more can improve dramatically, but there are always risks.

The risk of having fillers include the common ones of all injections, such pain, swelling, bruising and infection. Important risks that make dermal fillers extra tricky is the risk of injecting the gel into an artery causing loss of blood supply to that area. This will cause necrosis of the skin and infection. If the gel clot moves up the artery it can occlude the artery supplying the eye causing visual loss. It is very important to have fillers done by an experienced physician.

Here at Eros Beauty and Wellness our goal is to make you feeling your best, that means trying to avoid complications as much as possible. The traditional way of delivering the filler is by using a needle. Done correctly it is a wonderful way to get to little areas where intricate work is required, like the cupid’s bow on the lips. But this method has all the risks of bruising, bleeding, infection, swelling and skin necrosis. Because of this reason we are using cannulas, and having been using cannulas for a while to decrease these side effects.

Cannulas are blunt needles that can be passed through the tissues avoiding arteries and nerves. They also give the flexibility to reach more difficult areas. With only one needle poke Dr. Eros can fill a section avoiding multiple injection sites. This decreases bleeding, pain, bruising and swelling.

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