Why Fall is Perfect for Laser Hair Removal

As the days get shorter and the sun starts to fade, it actually becomes safer and more convenient for patients to undergo laser hair removal. So, if you’ve been considering laser hair removal over the summer, perhaps fall is the season to get it done. Although most of our patients don’t start considering laser hair removal until early in the summer, the fall is a much better time to begin treatments and here’s why.

Your Tan is Fading

Melanin is the pigment that gives your hair and skin its color, and it’s what the laser in hair removal treatments actually target. The heat from the laser treatment is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles, which then disables the follicles and stunts hair growth.

When your skin is tanned, it contains more melanin than when it’s fairer. This situation makes it difficult for the laser to distinguish which color to attack, the ones from your skin or your hair. So, unless you’re okay with staying out of the sun next summer, it’s wise to plan hair removal in the fall.

You Should Avoid Sun Exposure During Treatment

Sun exposure after a treatment may lead to complications between laser sessions. Multiple hair removal sessions are required to achieve the best outcome. After each session, your skin is more sensitive to the sun and at a high risk for sun damage.  Also, you must give any tanning enough time to fade completely before the next session.

Because sun exposure is less of a concern during the cooler months, this makes fall an ideal time for laser hair removal.

Makes Next Summer More Enjoyable

To get the best results, Laser hair removal is performed using three to six treatment sessions spaced a three to four weeks apart. So, if you were to wait until the beginning of summer, you’d have to stay out of the sun for most of the season. However, if you want to enjoy next summer without having to worry about sun exposure, it’s best to start your laser hair removal sessions in the fall.

Now What?

Laser hair removal is an easy and safe procedure when done correctly and professionally. So, if you have been contemplating these treatments, plan them with a physician that is trained and experienced  to provide optimal results. You can learn a lot after a consultation, so plan visiting at least one trustworthy practice before getting the procedure done. At Eros Beauty and Wellness we are offering 10% off any laser hair removal package.

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