Find Your Perfect Facial Peel!

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Have you found yourself interested in a facial peel, but you’re unsure what kind is right for your skin? It can be quite overwhelming to determine alone, especially when you’re not sure what your skin type is. Are you oily? Dry? Sensitive? Prone to acne? Are you having issues with dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation?

At Eros Beauty and Wellness, I offer three different types of chemical peels to help solve a variety of different skin concerns. Read on to learn more about each type and which one might be right for your skin type.

What Do Facial Peels Do?

Peels are a form of chemical exfoliation. They remove dead skin cells, mainly through the use of acids that loosen the bond between the cells and dissolve oils, debris, and makeup from the pores. Unlike a physical exfoliant—like your typical scrubs or microfoliants—peels sink into the skin, targeting the deeper layers than a physical exfoliant can. For those with sensitive skin, this might seem a bit extreme. That is why I offer peels at different strengths, including light, medium, and deep forms of chemical peels to accommodate all skin types.

The Different Types of Peels

Salicylic acid:

The chemical peel with salicylic acid is a milder peel and is excellent for removing dead skin, clearing pores, and easing inflammation due to acne. Salicylic acid peels are ideal for patients with acne prone skin or sun damage.


TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid. This acid can improve uneven skin tone and texture and leave you with glowing, healthy skin. TCA peels are available at several different levels, meaning they can be light for more sensitive skin, medium for a deeper level of penetration, or deep for more severe skin issues.


The Jessner peel is a combination of lactic and salicylic acid. I will usually perform Jessner peels at a medium depth, but you can choose to receive a more superficial peel if your skin is sensitive. A Jessner Peel is great for acne-prone skin, smoothing lines, and brightening pigmentation in the skin.

Benefits Of a Chemical Peel

The most obvious benefit of a facial peel is smoother skin. By removing the dull, outer layer of dead skin cells with a facial peel, the skin feels incredibly smooth and soft when the solution is removed. To lock in smoothness, ensure your skin is kept nicely hydrated and protected post-peel. On top of restoring baby-smooth skin, chemical peels also even skin tone, primes skin, shrinks pores, smooths scars from past acne, clears congestion, and prevents future breakouts.

Schedule Your Chemical Peel at Eros Beauty and Wellness

Chemical peels have become a huge demand in the dermatological field for their convenience and effectiveness. If you have more questions about how or if chemical peels can help you improve the appearance and quality of your skin, please don’t hesitate to call Eros Beauty and Wellness at (619) 481-4651 or fill out an online form to schedule your consultation with me, Dr. Christine Eros. I look forward to meeting you soon.