Laser Hair Removal

Here in Southern California, is it seems as though everyone is always training for a race of some sort, whether it is the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon, the bike race to Mexico, or even an Ultra Marathon. In a place where there exist such great opportunities to participate in athletic events, it is easy to get caught up in the glory and forget about the gritty details that go into being an athlete. One of these problematic details is body hair. Everyone has body hair; some is invisible, some is very dark, and some is just all over, but in the end everyone has to deal with the same complication: getting rid of it! Removing body hair through laser hair removal is a common practice amongst athletes, especially those such as swimmers, bikers and runners who aim to reduce friction as much as possible.

Having excess body hair is aggravating, sometimes unsightly, and can easily lead to unwanted skin conditions. Hair traps dirt and sweat near the skin which can have nasty results for those who are constantly active and in the dirt. Not having clean skin during a race or event can cause chafing and rashes such as folliculitis.Those who are less fortunate might even develop cysts and abscesses, particularly in places where no person should ever have cysts and abscesses… Some people, both men and women, might experience increased hair growth on the face caused by metabolic imbalances. In any case, excess hair growth is uncomfortable, potentially dangerous, and practically universal.

There are various ways to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body including the face, back, armpits, limbs, and groin area. Shaving with a razor or trimmer is the least expensive method of hair removal, but it has to be done carefully and often to produce the desired results. Additionally, shaving with a blade of any sort presents a whole new set of problems that can make the easiness of the experience seem a lot less appealing. Some of these issues include cute, razor burn, infection, and ingrown hairs. Luckily, plenty of other options for hair removal are available today, the best of which can be found here with me at Eros Beauty and Wellness!


A popular way to remove hair. This method is performed with a small needle that is placed into the skin and imbued with an electrical current. The procedure can be uncomfortable and it takes 15 to 30 sessions to complete.  This specialty procedure can only be completed by a licensed electrolysis technician.


This is another common method for hair removal. Hot wax is applied in small quantities to the target areas and is peeled off, taking the unwanted hair with it. Unlike electrolysis, waxing is not a permanent procedure, but it is less expensive than other treatments and more effective than shaving. Although generally unproblematic, waxing can cause irritation or the appearance of acne in those with more sensitive skin.


Similar to waxing in that it is not permanent and about the same in discomfort, threading is the happy medium between plucking and waxing. Fairly new to the hair removal market, threading grants customers the clear lines and definition of waxing while using a hair removal method very similar to plucking. As with any hair removal treatment, sensitive skin might develop rashes or acne.

Laser Hair Removal

At Eros Beauty and Wellness, our favorite shaving-replacement option is laser hair removal using Motif Vantage technology by Elos. This high-tech treatment is completed over 5 quick appointments spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Numbing cream is applied to the target area to help dull the discomfort that comes with any laser procedure. This method is the best of both worlds as it causes no damage to the skin but still removes all hair permanently. Having this procedure done leaves shaving completely obsolete, making hair a non-factor for all patients, athletes or not. Although the procedure is almost always 100% successful, any missed follicles can be easily taken care of by small touch-ups.

An advantage of the Elos hair removal system over other competitors is that it can accomodate any skin tone. Many state-of-the-art lasers still can’t be used on very light or very dark skin colors. On more extreme skin tones, other lasers will remove the dark hairs, but skim over lighter hairs such as peach fuzz. Our procedure can take less than 10 minutes for a small area, although larger areas such as the legs can take longer. Eros Beauty and Wellness always has a unique set of specials and discounts available that cycle monthly, so take a peek at our website, stop by, or call in to let us help you obtain beautiful, smooth skin. Don’t forget to search for our Groupon to get an extra discount on laser hair removal!