Diets or Lifestyles?

Here is a quick thought to start your day. What is a difference between a diet and a lifestyle?

Unless you’re talking about the diet of a species in the wild, usually the word “diet” implies a short term change in eating habits to improve one’s health. A lifestyle is not temporary like a diet, and it is intended to not only improve health, but maintain it. There are many different diets out there, some that work, and some that don’t, each with a different goal in mind. For example, someone who has a kidney disease may have to watch how much potassium they eat because it can be damaging to their body. Lifestyles usually have the same goal, but they take a different angle. The Paleo Diet is very meat oriented, but the point is to eat the way humans ate during the Paleolithic Age; this one has diet in the name, but I would consider it a lifestyle. My quest for you to consider is whether you want to follow a diet or a lifestyle.

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A lifestyle change also includes exercise. After sticking to a new lifestyle and exercising regularly you may be left with that unwanted fat in the belly and flanks.

This is the time to come in for a consultation on SculpSure, a true laser that will destroy fat cells permanently. Most people will need a minimum of 2 treatments.

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Scuplsure Treatment Mission Valley

Sometimes that double chin also doesn’t want to go away. Try Kybella®, an injection that destroys fat cells under the chin. You can do both in 1 visit!