Botox® and Fillers

I truly enjoy speaking with my clients about what they believe their aesthetic wants and needs to be. Most people have a variety of reasons for wanting to enhance and rejuvenate their looks: wedding and social events, their appearance at their jobs, and just feeling tired and older. They ask me, “what do you think I need?” In reality, no one needs any of these things! Aging is a product of one’s genetic predispositions and his or her environment. Although we don’t yet have the ability to alter or control our genetic code, we can certainly have a positive impact on how our environment affects us. Such environmental impacts include our nutritional habits, exercise, exposure to light and chemicals, and the stress of our daily lives. Stress, as we all should know, can have a tremendous effect on our minds and bodies, particularly those physical aspects which we value as aesthetic contributors. States of stress condemn the body to a perpetual state of “fight or flight,” regardless of whether or not we have a good reason for it. The constant secretion and circulation of adrenaline alters our insulin and glycogen production, consequently producing a milieu of free radicals which lead to inflammation. Now, that last sentence was just a whole lot of big words which may have left some of you thinking, “what is she talking about?”. In short, stress drastically accelerates the processes of aging, weight gain, and sugar intolerance.

We have established that stress is bad for your body, but did you know that your body can enter a chemical state of stress without actually experiencing a stressful situation? Poor nutrition, including excess processed food intake, fast food, and negligence towards fruits and veggies can trigger a stress reaction in the body. Free radicals run amuck, unrestrained because of the lack of antioxidants which a poor diet ensures. Toxins build up and the body must allot energy and resources to countering the negative effects of these reactions. This affects your general health of course, but for our purposes, it severely affects the appearance and longevity of your skin.

Other habits can equally damage your physical aesthetic. Smoking, in addition to causing the onset of various cancers and lung diseases, causes wrinkles around the mouth that can be extremely difficult to remove. Drinking alcohol in excess can cause broken blood vessels and redness in the face, giving you a splotchy and unhealthy appearance. This causes a domino reaction which results in the inhibition of collagen production, leading to more wrinkles and facial drooping at a young age. Luckily, the aforementioned problems can be put to a halt if stress levels, nutrition, and personal habits are improved. For a quicker and more successful aesthetic revival, Botox® can help to diminish lines on the forehead and around the eyes that simple lifestyle changes take ages to fix. Fillers can also go a long way towards giving any person a youthful lift and finally putting their tired appearance to rest. Working together with me and my technicians, you can piece together the greatest possible plan for restoring, rehabilitating, and reclaiming the aesthetic look that you have always wanted.