Botox® for Prevention

I get many questions regarding Botox® and its uses. People are fascinated to hear that it can not only be used in cosmetics, but in migraine/headache prevention, Temporal-mandibular joint treatment, and even treatment of contractures due to Cerebral Palsy. More commonly it is used to decrease the wrinkles that have formed from using muscles of expression, such as our smile lines, angry lines, squinting lines and laugh lines.

Botox® is a neuromodulator, meaning that it works to decrease the muscle contractions in certain areas of the face. By stopping those expressions it relaxes those wrinkles and in some cases makes them disappear indefinitely.

Remember your mom telling you not to make that face or it will stay that way, or hearing that models were not supposed to smile off camera? Well there was a reason. The more expressions we make, the greater chance we have of developing wrinkles in those areas. Some people feel that waiting until they can see the wrinkles is best when, in fact, Botox® can be used to prevent lines from ever forming. There are more and more 20 year olds and 30 year olds coming in for preventive Botox®. They most likely won’t require too much, and will need it less often than the recommended three month intervals.

Botox Mission Valley

Botox® treatment is an easy and very well tolerated way to prevent and treat wrinkles. People can choose to come before the wrinkles show or when the wrinkle no longer disappears at facial rest.

There is, of course, another school of thought, to age gracefully. Any person can be beautiful, attractive and alluring without cosmetic treatment. It is important to start with a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods, extra fat and high sugars. Use a sunscreen daily along with a good moisturizer and cleansing routine.

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