Medication Recall

There have been many recalls recently for some of the most common high blood pressure medications used in medicine, Losartan, Amlodipine and Valsartan, all because a compound, known as NDEA, has been found in the mixture. NDEA, or N-nitrosodiethylamine is a compound known to induce liver cancer in rats and most likely can be a carcinogenic in humans. Of course, having a carcinogen in medication that is given consistently to patients is absolutely not right. These medications are given usually one time a day and up to two times a day, in some cases. Who would be comfortable taking something purposefully on a daily basis with the potential to cause harm?

The compound breaks down and becomes a free radical, interacting with the nitrogen pathway and eventually making changes in the DNA. The toxin works over time to make these changes. It can be found in manufacturing of plastics and oils. It is also be found in multiple areas of our lives and we don’t stop and think what it can possibly be doing to us, mostly because we don’t know it is in our everyday things.

I often tell my patients the importance to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. In the Weight Loss Group, people learn about inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and products to avoid that will cause these. They are compounds like NDEA that are found everywhere and the reason we need to change our ways. This particular compound is found in fried bacon, cigarettes, drinking water, plastic, alcohol and even fish, to name a few.

We are so worried about our medicines, yet we don’t stop and think about the harm we are exposed to everyday by eating poorly. Avoid fast food. Avoid premade, packaged and easy to get food. Stop smoking. If you are a woman don’t drink more than 1 drink a night. If you are a man don’t drink more than 2 drinks a night. Less is always better.

This New Year try to remove toxicity from your life and avoid the need for medication that has its own problems. Live to run the race of a healthy life.