Turn Back the Clock with Sublative Treatment

It’s a new year, and with every new year comes the promise of a brand new beginning and an exciting future. But with every passing moment, it’s hard not to think about the better days that we left behind. As time goes by, how do we get back to our prime? Is it possible to stop aging in its tracks and restore youthfulness and vitality? Thankfully, even as we move forward another year, we can still turn back the clock with Sublative treatments—the key to a no downtime, nonsurgical rejuvenation.

What Happens with the Passage of Time?

As we age, we start to gather a number of flaws and imperfections on our skin, which over time has become fragile and damaged—the universal signs of aging. Our body starts to slow down its production of collagen, one of the most important substances in our skin that keeps it youthful. Eventually, our skin loses its firm qualities and elasticity, leading to thin skin that easily folds into wrinkles and deep creases. What’s worse is that the accumulation of years of activity – sun damage, acne scars, broken blood vessels – start to emerge in droves on the surface of our skin.

What Are Sublative Treatments?

We want to restore our skin back to its prime, and we want to do it in a way that’s gentle to the skin and comfortable for you. Thankfully, Sublative Treatments are some of the most advanced anti-aging procedures available; because of its unique mechanism, treatments like the Elos Plus and Sublative have the ability to target only the most essential parts of the skin while leaving the rest healthy and untouched.

How does the Sublative Treatment Work?

The Sublative Treatment achieves its remarkable results through an innovative mechanism: it uses radiofrequency energy, which can pass under the skin and deliver the treatment in a pattern that preserves areas of skin. Your body responds by starting the healing process and using its regenerative powers to rebuild the collagen under the skin. Without using a single incision or suture, the Sublative Treatment can restore your skin to a healthier, younger state.

This advanced technology uses our own body’s ability to heal and regenerate. There’s no foreign substance or tugging and pulling—just your body returning to a better state. For a chance to try it for yourself, contact us at Metro Aesthetics & Wellness for a personalized consultation.