Say Yes! (Weight Loss):

The word “No” is hard to hear. It is even more difficult to say it to yourself. When it comes to weight loss, “No” is a major player in the journey towards a healthier and more beautiful body. Weight loss revolves around telling yourself not to do certain things. You say no to skipping the gym, even when you have been working all day and can feel your last meal like a rock in your stomach. You say no to that french fry craving, even though that drive-through would be so convenient and so inexpensive. You say no to your friends who want to take you out for a nice dinner…at your favorite pizza place. Weight loss is a series of hearing and saying “No” over and over until you achieve your goal, something which is both exhausting and extremely difficult.

How about, for a change, you let someone else to do it all for you? Have them carry the burden. Sure, you can’t have someone run on the treadmill for you, or drink that disgusting protein shake in your place, but you can certainly have someone there to tell you “No” when you just can’t anymore. Eros Beauty and Wellness’ “Weight Management for Life” program does just that, offering patients all of the tools and support that they need to look and feel 10 years younger, inside and out. The 3-month platinum weight loss package consists of:
A personal consultation with Dr. Christine Eros
Bi-monthly individual meetings with Dr. Christine Eros
Physical Examination
Lab Analysis
Exercise Prescriptions
Bi-monthly group meetings
Meal planning and menus
30 day nutritional cleanse
Weekly email updates
Free 1 year membership to helpful weight loss products
Free online 90 day exercise program

With the expert advice and support of Dr. Eros and her medical staff, weight loss doesn’t have to be so hard. Sometimes all you need to get started, finish up, or shatter that plateau is somebody to hold your hand. Eros Beauty and Wellness does just that, providing a foolproof and incredibly convenient 3-month plan that is guaranteed to produce the results that you want to see. Let someone provide you with the knowledge and the ability to crush those cravings, develop healthy habits, learn how to exercise properly and efficiently, and change your life for the better. Weight loss is not meant to be carried out alone. Call (619) 481-4651 today to change your life forever and take the first step on the proper road to health. Say “Yes,” so you no longer have to say “No.”