Weight Loss Program

Nobody wants to live an unhealthy life. But sometimes life throws us a curveball and we end up fighting issues of weight and problems that come with the weight. Taking the first step towards weight loss and any other change in one’s mental and physical health is really hard. It is hard to swallow our pride and admit we have a problem. It is even harder  to know what to do when so much information exists and so many people tell us so many different things. According to modern advertising, 9/10 doctors might prefer two completely different weight loss methods while Buzzfeed and the magazines displayed in the grocery checkout line try to convince you that you should love your body just the way it is. So how can we be expected to know what to do when traveling through a maze of misleading information? The truth is that, although one should never downplay the importance of self-love, at some point your health stops being a matter of how you look anymore. It becomes a matter of how long you can live this way and what your quality of life will be in that time. You can’t love yourself if you die from a heart attack.

But no need to fret! Dr. Christine Eros now offers a personalized weight loss program that helps to strip away much of the unpleasantry from weight loss, making it easier to start back on the right path. Through a series of personal consultations, meal planning sessions, private meetings, and examinations, along with constant coaching support, Dr. Eros puts together the perfect formula for each individual’s weight loss needs. The 3 month program, through Eros Beauty and Wellness, includes the following features:

  • A personal consultation with Dr. Christine Eros
  • Bi-monthly individual meetings with Dr. Christine Eros
  • Physical Examination
  • Lab Analysis
  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Bi-monthly group meetings
  • Meal planning and menus
  • 30 day nutritional cleanse
  • Weekly email updates
  • Free 1 year membership to helpful weight loss products
  • Free online 90 day exercise program

Compared with other top-selling weight loss programs, Dr. Eros’ wellness program is unmatched in price, service, and content. Compare this with famous brands such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig’s 12 week (3 month) package comes with a series of premade meals and weekly consultations with JC employee. The cost for this slim package weighs in at a whopping $156 per week plus the cost of food and a $99 initiation fee. Nutrisystem’s month-by-month program costs approximately $529 every month, adding up to a total of $1587 for the three month period. Weight Watchers takes it up another notch and charges up to $716 per month. In contrast, Eros Beauty and Wellness provides significantly more for a significantly smaller price. The weight loss program maintains a total fee of $670 for three whole months of assistance including meal plan options. That is nearly a third of the price of its competition for almost 4 times the content.

So the choice is simple! Take control of your life again. Show your body who is boss and revitalize every aspect of your existence, bringing health and prosperity back to your body, family life, and social life. The next program begins this July, so plan accordingly and mark your calendar with the first day of your new life. The easiest solution to unwanted, extra weight and the problems that come with it are in the palm of your hand.