Ways to Achieve Self Care

We are often distracted and just too busy to stop and realize that we may need to re-energize. Yes, you have heard it before, take time out for yourself. But, really, with kids, work, significant other, family and the stress to produce, there is no time for silly thoughts. That is until you notice that you are just not doing as well as you could be..

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Many think that taking time for yourself can be self-fish, indulgent and a luxury. But it can’t be further from the truth. If you don’t care for yourself then your health, energy, thought process and more begins to decline. .

If you have or are experiencing symptoms of decreased sleep, irritability, worry about work/home and you notice maybe dry skin, change in appetite, loss of hair and loss of desire for intimacy, then there is a problem. I bet many of us take better care of our cars better than ourselves. You wouldn’t let the car go without an oil change!

This year, take time to change this and re-energize and rejuvenate yourselves.

Here are some ways.


  1. Take time 10 minutes every morning to be grateful. Practice just being. But the ‘have to’s’ aside just for 10 minutes and focus on the goodness around you.
  2. Eat well by avoiding processed foods and other foods without nutritional value. You will just waste energy without replenishing what you need. Cleansing regularly helps your body function as it should.
  3. Exercise everyday! All you need is 15 min a day of a walk. If you are able, do more and train  hard. Increasing muscle mass is imperative at any age to help build strong bones, improved balance and have less aches and pains.
  4. Practice letting go. This means stop worrying about things that you can’t fix..
  5. Enjoy those around you and don’t be afraid to reach out and laugh together.
  6. Decrease the list of things that need to be done. Do they really need to be done or do you feel they need to be done?


All the above can be done in an hour or less and the benefits will last all day.

We would love to help on your journey to becoming a better YOU.
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