Sebaceous and Epidermal Cysts

Some of you may have noticed a small bump on your skin, face, neck, or torso, that over time has gotten bigger. The most likely diagnosis is a sebaceous cyst or an epidermal cyst, bothersome growths that develop slowly over several years. Sebaceous cysts arise from clogged oil glands, a common product of poor hygiene habits and consistent sweating. Epidermal cysts are caused by the excessive growth and compilation of epidermal cells of which the body has not managed to dispose. These too can occur as a result of trauma to a specific area, clogged oil glands or hair follicles, and genetics predispositions.

Although these cysts are not in any way life threatening, they can become infected, very painful and unsightly, certainly making them an inconvenience to be addressed. In very rare cases, cystic growths are associated with varieties of skin cancer, in which cases the cyst would need to be immediately removed. The types of trauma that result in cystic growths range from small scratches to botched shaving attempts to aggressively plucked hairs. Clogged pores can also appear as a result of hormonal changes, meaning that even those with excellent hygiene are at risk. Hidradenitis Suppurativa is an example of severe cyst formation. If left unchecked, such a cyst grow quickly and become infected to the point of requiring antibiotics in addition to surgical treatment. It is best to have your physician evaluate any cyst about which you may be concerned to rule out some of the more severe explanations. Fortunately, cyst removal is generally an easy and cost-effective procedure. Before any incision is made the skin is numbed with lidocaine. Once the anesthetic has been applied, a small blade is used to extract the capsule that surrounds the cyst. At Eros Beauty and Wellness, we specialize in skin treatments and surgical procedures, and we are more than happy to assist you in removing any skin growth.

As always, prevention is the best treatment. With this in mind, we will leave you with the same advice we always give: maintaining a clean diet and minimizing hydrogenated fats is the surest way to avoid cysts and other similar complications. However, when dieting and self-care are not enough, the laser hair-removal procedures which we offer are sure ways to prevent cystic infections.