All the injectables are more commonly delivered through an injection using a 27 to 32 gauge needle. The needles are perfect for getting into difficult to inject places. They can also cause bruising, swelling and pain.  When injecting a filler the risk also includes injecting into an artery that could potentially plug the blood flow to the area of the skin being injected or worse, clogging the artery leading to severe consequences, such as blindness.

To avoid  significant effects and always keeping patient safety and comfort in mind, we at Eros Beauty and Wellness, like to incorporate cannulas into our regimen. Cannulas are blunt tipped needles that do not cause bruising, pain and swelling to the extent of regular needles. They are also less likely to damage arteries, therefore the risk of skin necrosis and blindness is significantly decreased. Because they are longer they are more helpful in accessing areas that can be harder to reach.

Both needles and cannulas are used depending on the procedure. We think you will really appreciate the comfort of both

cannulas vs needles on skin

Needles Cannulas
Eliminating The Risk Of: Virtually No Brusing
Necrosis  No Intravascular Injection
Blindness Considerably Less Pain
Ophthamoplegia Minimal Downtime
Single Point Of entry wider coverage
Stimulates New Collagen Production